Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What About These Apples and Dees Nuts

As I progress towards making this blog into something more legit (I am working on a logo. i know right now there isn't much art to the site), I have concocted some regular features that I hope to keep consistent in addition to my regular musings. I will have a different feature per day that could always be counted on. I am going to begin this in June. let me know what you think, and offer any suggestion to the otherwise:

Monday: "The Truest Blood" - i will analyze each week of Season Two of "True Blood" on HBO (beginning June 18th) and rate who had the biggest fangs.

Tuesday: "What The Ef is That?" - I will post a photo and/or video of something that I took that i personally couldn't discern. It could be anything from road kill to abstract art. You will be encouraged to help me figure it out.

Wednesday: "Scream Scenes" - I will post a 1 to 2 second clip from a horror movie, and you have to guess what film it is. The first one to get it right gets $6000*

* not true

Thursday: "What's Creepier Than That Song in those Freddy Movies?" - That "one, two Freddy's Comin's For You..." song sung by the girl's skipping rope in the Nightmare Elm Street Movies will go down as one of the more eerie ditties in scary movies. But it can't possibly be the eeriest. I will post a weekly audio track of songs that I think are scarier.

Friday: Monster Link Madness - I will comb through some of my link partners and highlight 5 links to some of the more interesting content that other sites are posting.

How does that sound? Do these sound compelling? Will you tune in every day if you could count on a certain post? Oh, Thank God.


WriterME said...

Sounds great to me! Personally, I'm especially interested in the music feature on Thursdays.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I have enjoyed your site and look forward to your weekly features. I hope to see much more of your genius.