Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hangover, I just Have To

This is a horror website. This is where i will talk about things i find interesting going on in the horror community. specifically about haunted houses, and even more specifically about my Haunted House Nightmare. I have plans on doing some esoteric stuff of continuing interest. BUT, I just can't help myself from showing my exuberance over this new bromance (ick word) The Hangover. My buddy Jamie and I went and saw Observe and Report which was decent (I liked it more than he did, but i appreciated it for being a silly comedy with such a dystopian outlook and style), and this trailer appeared before the flick. And he and I were both laughing our balls off. Perhaps we were feeling a little loopy at the time, but it was perhaps the funniest 2 1/2 minutes I have ever seen. Full disclosure, I am a sucker for these kind fo comedies. Will Ferrel and Paul Rudd always make me laugh. So perhaps it is not your cup of tea. That's fine, you're a stuck-up douchebag, I get it. But I am not embarrased to tell you that I loved the shit ot of Milli Vanilli even after they came out as fake, I loved that Vanilla Ice song, and I loe these kind of films. Judge as you may, but watch this trailer anyway:


John Harlacher said...

I like this one:

Timothy Haskell said...

holy crud, that was good. gives a little too much away, though. but i laughed my ass off. hopefully there is enough good material we haven't seen so that we aren't disappointed when we go and see it.