Thursday, May 21, 2009

Country's First Vampire Museum Announced

The country's first all-vampire museum will open this September (just in time for Halloween I presume) in New York City. The MoVa (Museum of Vampiric Artifacts) will, according to "celebrate and educate the world about vampires in the media, folklore, and real life! Creepy, scary and informative vampire lovers the world over will flock to this one of a kind 5,000 square foot museum dedicated to everyone's favorite undead icons."

Further details about exhibits, websites, admission, etc. will be announced this summer. Follow this blog to find out more!


Anonymous said...

i went to the"MoVa" on their last night of performing. One word can describe this "museum" perfectly.Awful.Cheesy.Stupid.Waste of Money(three words but its okay). I left with my sister halfway through it not because I was scared, but because it was so weird and annoying. Our tour guide was "captured" so the group we were with just wandered around and did not know where to go.
Stay away from the MoVa, not because it is scary. But because it is just awful.

dollz said...

that's why your anonymous right?? MOVA was great i went once to check it out and loved it soo much that i came back with all my friends!! they loved it to!! its great if you appreciate what it has to offer.