Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Orphan" Trailer

This trailer was brought to my attention this morning. I hadn't really heard about this release, but after watching this preview, i am now eagerly anticipating it. I can be a sucker like that.

I remember once a friend of mine who is a huge comic book nerd went and saw Godzilla (you know, the one set in New York) and was incredibly underwhelmed and disappointed. He was so looking forward to it and wanted it to be as amazing as the marketing campaign. Shortly after it came out on DVD he saw another preview for it and thought to himself, "that does look good. Maybe I was wrong about that movie, let me give it another shot," and he went out and bought the DVD. And then hated it again, this time more because he felt so stupid about being duped twice. So the moral of the story - don't trust trailers, but this one does look good and it star Peter Saarsgard, who I have a major man crush on.


Libby said...

Truly creepy! Great to see what you're up to. On another note, just tried to send you a message through Twitter. Do you have any recommendation for a publicist as good as you for the midtown fest? I'm dong my new show there July '09. Thanks! - Libby (easkala [at]

John Harlacher said...

That's a great trailer! It uses the standard tricks, but they work.

Carlton said...

So it's "The Good Son" with a girl instead?