Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Join Me on Twitter

So this Twitter thing...what the ef? People are going nuts for this, and everyone is using it for all sorts of reasons. And if an obscure talent like Oprah Winfrey starts Tweeting, then so shall I! So, Become one of my followers on Twitter! right now. Move it.

In case you need a little introduction to Twitter and all the things it could do for you and your haunted attraction, I did a pretty decent podcast about this stuff with a social networking guru named Kevin Keating in NYC. I actually think you could get a lot out of it if you don't know all about it already. My advice either way though - do it. Whether you like it or not, social networking is here to stay and you need to follow the trends. My guess is by September there will be a whole new thing that "everyone is doing" and I will do a podcast about that.

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