Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How The Hell You Scare People

This is episode 9 of my podcast of "How The Hell You Do That". This one is with Richard Jordan, who is one of the most incredible performers in my haunted house. He teaches us how to scare people in a haunted house. It is not that amazing to be completely honest with you, I've done better. It is not so easy to teach people how to scare people in 4 minutes. You kind of just have to be one of those kind of people. Or deformed.

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WriterME said...

Hi Timothy,

great podcast, lots of information, good stuff.

The reason for me leaving this comment is that I am about to start my PhD, which will be dealing with performance horror and go into a number of the issues addressed in this podcast. Although there is a bit more to it, of course, the basic idea is to find out why people are interested in haunted attractions and the like, as the horror in these venues is much more direct than the experience you get from a novel or movie.

Would it be possible to get in touch with you and get some inside information on these topics?