Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fight Fest

Here it is folks, the first ever theatrical festival of shows with lots of fighting, aptly titled FIGHT FEST. As many of you know, when I am not obsessing about horror or haunted houses I direct theatre. And when I direct theatre I often direct pieces that have tons of stage combat. Some of my biggest theatrical successes have been in this genre. So i was approached by The Brick theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to co-produce/ curate this festival along with another wonderful fighting troupe, The Vampire Cowboys. The festival is in December of this year, and we are looking for up to 20 solid fight shows. A fight show, by our criteria, has at least 25% fight choreography. I will also premiere my latest fight extravaganza, tentetively titled "Battle Me" written by the brilliant Eric Sanders, and choreographed by my guy, the amazing Rod Kinter. It will also be starring Taimak from my Road House production (he is also the star of The Last Dragon).

Anyway, you can get the application and all of the information here. If you have a fight show, please apply. It is going to be the most action-packed, electrifying theatrical festival ever!

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