Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Joshua Hoffine is Friggin' Incredible!

So our amazing photographer Jaisen Crockett who takes all of our Haunternet Girl photos, as well as took all of the shots for the Free Stuff wallpapers, is a discerning critic of other photographers to say the least. Justifiably so, Jaisen is truly top-of-the-line. So when he stumbled upon the photography of Joshua Hoffine and was blown away, he sent it to me immediately. And he was right to, this guy's work is beautiful.

He is a photographer who sets up archetypal horror scenarios (the monster under the bed, in the closet, the clown, spiders on your baby, etc) and shoots them Stanley Kubrick style. and they are stunning and frightening, and something that you will all get a kick out of. He even sells his prints for a very good price. I believe I am going to purchase one myself!

I encourage you all to visit his site. I cannot be effusive enough. If you are the least bit interested in horror you are going to be glad you did!