Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's Great About Going This Week...

So why in the world would you go to a haunted house after Halloween? i ask myself the same thing, yet my house is still open. Here's why i would go to a haunted house after Halloween: it's fun no matter what! Why do you need Halloween to be scared? Horror movies don't obey those rules. But why should one go specifically after Halloween? that is why i am writing this.

I am not daft, i know it is more in the spirit of things to go before the big day, but here is why in some ways going this week might actually be a more enhanced experience - THERE AREN'T THE CROWDS! I ain't gonna lie to you, this as well as any other haunted house is diminished when there are ridiculous crowds. The energy is good, which certainly preps you in the right way, but the groups get too big, the groups often catch up in the middle of the house, and the actors are pretty taxed. On slower nights you lose the energy, but you gain on a greater distance between tours, smaller groups, and the actors better suited to focus on you specifically and scare the crap out of you. I know it is not as fun to go somewhere without the spirit, energy and camaraderie, but there is some use in going when it is a little slower. And that is what it is this week. It is doing well still, and it is worth it to us to still be open, but it is not the same thing as before All Hallows Eve. The house is pretty battered after 6 long weeks of patrons trudging through, but the actors are at their best, they have 6 weeks of experience learning how to scare you, and it is this last week that they are really gonna give it to ya. So tix are a bit cheaper and i think it is still a great, fresh original thing to do instead of another evening of dinner and a movie. use code VOTE and you can get tix for $15. So what are you waiting for! OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!