Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some Amazing Stuff Happening Down Here

Haven't been able to get to my blog for a few days here, and i know most of you are pretty forlorn about this. So i am going to try and make it up to you, talk you off the ledge, and recap what you've missed and what to expect:

Hot 97 Weekend, as always, was an incredible success. Cipha Sound is a pretty damn good deejay. he also brings a fun, good-spirited crowd. Hot 97 couldn't be a better sponsor and I hope we work together for a very long time. HOT 97 Night was completely packed, Cipha was spinning, people were dancing and then getting scared, and the only disappointment was that he didn't play that Rhianna song Disturbia which i thought was a shoe-in to be played considering it is supposed to be a creepy song. Not the next Thriller, but good.

Speaking of Thriller, yesterday was the 25th Anniversary of the Thriller video and another of our sponsors, Crunch, sent a crew down to teach the Thriller dance to our patrons and then do a performance of it. It was hilarious. we were also able to do a quick demographics survey based on what I saw - we have an audience of mostly non-dancers. Good to know before we start taking out ads in Dance Magazine again next year.

RXP 101.9 Weekend is this weekend. they are going to have with 'em something they call a "mobile rock lounge" which sounds relaxing. They'll be there through Sunday, Oct. 12th.

Coming up we have Forbidden Planet Night (next Tuesday, October 14th), and they will be bringing down some swag to giveaway. They might have a custom pumpkin carver with them, but i am not sure yet. FP is that huge comic book store on 13th and Broadway for those of you who ain't know.

Now, in terms of the house,people seem to love it as usual and are getting very scared, but the detractors main gripe is that it is not long enough. Some of this is a testament to how good it is (leave them wanting more), but since we upped the production values so much this year i feel whatever shortcomings there are pale in comparison. but because i am eager to please i have added several things to the house to increase the length a bit. I believe the additions have not just lengthened the house some, but have added a few good scares as well, so i am becoming more and more pleased with the product (and i was initially more hyped than i have ever been). It's a good, creative, innovative haunted house that you will absolutely enjoy in several ways. If you see me there, come up to me and tell me what you thought. If you don't like it i iwll punch you in the nose probably.

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ouch! punch in the face? that's not nice. lmao