Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nightmare Backstage. Go To It

We did NIGHTMARE BACKSTAGE last year and it was a big success and a lot of fun. Basically, me and a few of the designers who worked on the house this year will answer any questions you might have about how we did certain things, why we did certain things, or what our favorite color is or was. we then turn on all the lights in the house and show you things you wouldn't normally see, reveal secrets that you might find vaguely interesting, and show you the one secret "nightmare way" that we couldn't show you when you went through the house the first time (no one will ever see this secret room other than at Backstage!) We will also discuss why there are no more live eels, what the piss is made out of, show you how the claustrophobia walls work, and more. we will also do some demonstrations of how you can do things in your home to make it a bit more haunted for halloween!

Finally, you can use code BACK1 to get $5 off the already cheap $20 ticket when ordering. The whole evening will last about an hour (maybe a little more) and you can get a preview of some of the things i will be demonstrating on the Today Show on October 31st. yeah, that's right, I will be on the Today Show on NBC on October 31st at 10 AM. There will also be some take-home stuff, so you really don't want to miss this, it is so worth $15!

See You There

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