Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Ode To My Bros

My brothers are the art directors for all of our haunted houses. They are Aaron and Justin Haskell. Now some may say nepotism got them this job, and you would be right, but only in the sense that because i was related to them i was able to identify the talent right in front of my eyes. These guys are amazing. And you will see their talents in spades when you go through Bad Dreams this year. It is an absolutely beautiful house. Our production values are through the roof. It looks like an installation art piece. One can criticize whether it is scary or effective (two things i think it is in a big way), but i challenge anyone who thinks it doesn't look fantastic.

We are different than other haunted houses. We are theatrical. We make everything. these are homegrown set pieces and that can be quite costly. we sometimes get criticized because when you walk through you don't see scores of haunted house props and animitronics everywhere. i could easily create a labyrynth full of things from a haunted house catalog and impress you with with the volume of our stuff. but i am going for something different. i am trying to create a house that you will literally not see anywhere else. you won't because it is wholly original in every way - from our props and set pieces to the room ideas and stories there is absolutely nothing rehashed or stale. Not even from our own houses from past years. This house in particular has nothing the same as last year. it is completely new. We have tried very hard to raise the bar and i am certain you will feel the same way. It pays off.

And my bros have a lot to do with it. they provide installations and props for other haunts around the country as well. They have a company called Brooklyn Art Department that specializes in these kind of things. I am very proud to be working with them, and the house is lucky to have them.


Daniel said...

I can't wait to bring our kids back this year to see this amazing haunted house. You have created the absolute best of the best when it comes to haunted houses!!! A truly thrilling experience!

Ryan said...

Have you ever been up to Esopus, NY and been to the Headless Horseman Hayrides? If you've never been PLEASE do yourself the favor and make it upstate to experience one of the most grandiose spectacles in all of Halloween. You will not be disapointed.

Timothy Haskell said...

was planning on checking it out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

It really is you! When I saw the NYer article last year, I mailed it to Ian and said it must be but never looked any farther. When I saw your comment in the Times on autumn in NYC, I decided to google you. Knew the haunted house sounded exactly like something you would do, and then the mention of your brothers sealed it. Congratulations on all your succeess! Diane Shearer