Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miami is Very Humid

So I got the ball a little more than rolling here in NY last week before i flew down to Miami to get our first ever haunt outside of NY up and running. This is of course the revamped Ghost Stories from last year. Man, this GH is friggin' awesome. Whatever i didn't like from the house last year i got rid of and kept the things i really liked and made them bigger, better, stronger and more beautiful and disgusting. You should see the Red Demon room from last year. It was supposed to be a gory delight in 2007, but it quickly became a squat because we didn't account for so many patrons/boneheads actually walking on top of the installation. That room, like all rooms, has become patron proof and twice as wonderful. It is now a 6 foot by 12 foot pile of guts that you can take a jackhammer to and it will remain warm and squishy and gross.

Oh, and i miss the NY fall right now. Miami is like 102 degrees of pure humidity. i don't know how they do it down here. it is some thick air. and yesterday the air conditioning went out in the space because some local transporter blew out in the nabe. i lost 5 pounds of water weight. Feeling so good about my much needed trimming, i have promptly eaten every fatty Cuban delicacy this town has to offer. and it is yummy.

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