Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just spoke to our Bad Dreams Production Designer

I just got off the phone with our Production Designer for Nightmare, Paul Smithyman. He was giving me an update about how NY was coming along ( i am in Miami getting this house up) and he was pretty thrilled. He said that this year's haunted house, thanks to an enormous commitment to raising all production values this year, is the closest thing to envisioning what was in my head in the 5 years that we have done this. I cannot wait to see for myself! Maybe you guys can tell me first!. If you have been to the haunts in the past let me know how you feel about this one. I couldn't possibly be more proud of it. I have been proud in year's past, but it was never a true representation of what i was hoping it would be. This year it is and i do believe it is going to make it the most amazing haunted house you have ever been through anywhere. tell me if it isn't.


Gabriel Vigon said...

I love the 'Nightmare path.' I'm basically excited about how the house will develop, and eventually experiencing the people in horror. I am looking forward to when you come back to NYC. Chao.

Frances said...

Last year I visited Ghost Stories just after Halloween.
I enjoyed it so much, and was broken-hearted when I discovered that verything was sold out for the duration.
I've already booked two tickets - one for this Saturday and one for next Saturday - those are solo trips.
I'm also planning several trips with friends so they can have "the experience."
Have a safe trip back from Florida.

Anonymous said...