Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Got Central Park...heard of it?

Yeah, Central Park. That Central Park. They are doing their own haunted house on October 24th and 25th. In Bethesda Tunnel, by, that's right, Bethesda Fountain. It is a beautiful location to do anything, but especially a haunted house! It is a family situation, it only runs a combined 8 hours between the two days, and they want about 10,000 people to go through. Yipes. It is only going to take 5 minutes to walk through, but it is FREE, and it is also part of their pumpkin harvest festival carnival fair. I was told the other day that we were awarded the right to do it. I designed it a month ago for the proposal. It is called Zombie Attack! and it is all about werewolves. No, silly, zombies. There will be zombies everywhere. Attacking. But since it is for families, these zombies can be killed by things like bubbles. So, it in no way interferes with what i am doing with Nightmare, but it will be fun and a new way to exercise that horror muscle. Harmlessly, but fun. So go to Nightmare, and then go to Zombie Attack!

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Electrogirl said...

wow Tim, that's quite an honor! I've been getting back into the spirit of Nightmare, reading your blog and occasionally checking on the website (which looks great BTW). You're doing a house all the way in Miami?! WoW I read on John's myspace that he's attacking that, good for him and for you! The shit you tackle boggles my mind. Two houses this at the CSV this year?! WOOOOW again! Which leads to my question, with all these endeavors... I'm assuming you're going to start hiring for the house soon. Where's the post about that, huh?? OF COURSE I want to come back, if you'll have me. Post some info! PLEASE!! MISS YA!

-Jess McHugh