Monday, August 11, 2008

No More Circus But Still Plenty of Clowns

Ok, so not so long ago I bragged about the 3 attraction nature of this year's event. Well, i have to backtrack a little bit. It is now a two-attraction event, but that is because we want to make it the most amazing two attractions as possible.

You see, Nightmare Circus was going to be a departure for us, and we discovered that too many of our resources, time and effort were being drained into making that work, so we collectively decided to do what we do best instead - haunted houses. So we are amping up Nightmare: Legends to be something even cooler then originally conceived. Initially it was going to be a fun little companion to Nightmare: Bad Dreams Come True, but instead we want to make it something you will absolutely love. It won't compare in size and scope to the big house this year (that is going to be very impressive, i swear to god), but it is going to be a ton of fun, and rather scary. It is a collection of classic monsters like Witch, Vampire, Frankenstein, and of course a guy with a chainsaw. It is old-school cheeseballs, but for some they might even like it more. It is completely different then Bad Dreams, and way cooler then the Maze last year (although that was pretty fun i thought, but a lark). This is the real deal Holyfield which is why we are selling tickets to the event this year as one attraction. Any ticket you buy gets you into the two haunted houses. There will also be loads of side entertainment for FREE this year that weren't there last year making the whole event a full night of entertainment. This is all you are going to have to do for the night. Yes, including that.

Oh, and there will still be clowns. Bad Dreams has clowns. I won't tell you how, what or in what context, but a house about nightmares is obviously going to have a few clowns.

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