Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Fall in the Falling Room!

We had a workshop in the middle of July that was a great success. For the first time we actually tried out some of our more complicated ideas before we loaded in which is something i have always wanted to do. We have definitely raised our production values this year and I think our patrons will be blown away by what they see. especially our returning customers. It is not only the scariest haunted house i have ever created, it is also the coolest. I think you will enjoy it on many levels.

One such cool thing that we work shopped was our "Falling Room". You can't have a haunted house about Bad Dreams without including the ubiquitous falling dream we all have. For years i have tried to figure out an effective way to create this fear. Sometimes with more success then others, but never truly successful in my opinion. This year, the falling room may be the most impressive room; i think we finally figured it out. The problem with it is, as we discovered in the workshop, it is really, truly effective. It is extremely safe, and you couldn't possibly be hurt (unless you are drunk, wear really high heels, and act like a buffoon, but i guess you could get hurt just about anywhere under those auspices), but just be ready for it. It really surprises you. My warning ahead of time - hold on to the railings (and don't be a doofus)!

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