Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're Hiring!

Every year we do a big job fair at the venue for the haunted house, and this year is no different. Come on down all of you freaks and get your scare on. The Job Fair is September 17th and 18th between 8:30-10:30 PM. All are welcome. Look forward to seeing you there and making you do something stupid!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Got Central Park...heard of it?

Yeah, Central Park. That Central Park. They are doing their own haunted house on October 24th and 25th. In Bethesda Tunnel, by, that's right, Bethesda Fountain. It is a beautiful location to do anything, but especially a haunted house! It is a family situation, it only runs a combined 8 hours between the two days, and they want about 10,000 people to go through. Yipes. It is only going to take 5 minutes to walk through, but it is FREE, and it is also part of their pumpkin harvest festival carnival fair. I was told the other day that we were awarded the right to do it. I designed it a month ago for the proposal. It is called Zombie Attack! and it is all about werewolves. No, silly, zombies. There will be zombies everywhere. Attacking. But since it is for families, these zombies can be killed by things like bubbles. So, it in no way interferes with what i am doing with Nightmare, but it will be fun and a new way to exercise that horror muscle. Harmlessly, but fun. So go to Nightmare, and then go to Zombie Attack!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Fall in the Falling Room!

We had a workshop in the middle of July that was a great success. For the first time we actually tried out some of our more complicated ideas before we loaded in which is something i have always wanted to do. We have definitely raised our production values this year and I think our patrons will be blown away by what they see. especially our returning customers. It is not only the scariest haunted house i have ever created, it is also the coolest. I think you will enjoy it on many levels.

One such cool thing that we work shopped was our "Falling Room". You can't have a haunted house about Bad Dreams without including the ubiquitous falling dream we all have. For years i have tried to figure out an effective way to create this fear. Sometimes with more success then others, but never truly successful in my opinion. This year, the falling room may be the most impressive room; i think we finally figured it out. The problem with it is, as we discovered in the workshop, it is really, truly effective. It is extremely safe, and you couldn't possibly be hurt (unless you are drunk, wear really high heels, and act like a buffoon, but i guess you could get hurt just about anywhere under those auspices), but just be ready for it. It really surprises you. My warning ahead of time - hold on to the railings (and don't be a doofus)!

Monday, August 11, 2008

No More Circus But Still Plenty of Clowns

Ok, so not so long ago I bragged about the 3 attraction nature of this year's event. Well, i have to backtrack a little bit. It is now a two-attraction event, but that is because we want to make it the most amazing two attractions as possible.

You see, Nightmare Circus was going to be a departure for us, and we discovered that too many of our resources, time and effort were being drained into making that work, so we collectively decided to do what we do best instead - haunted houses. So we are amping up Nightmare: Legends to be something even cooler then originally conceived. Initially it was going to be a fun little companion to Nightmare: Bad Dreams Come True, but instead we want to make it something you will absolutely love. It won't compare in size and scope to the big house this year (that is going to be very impressive, i swear to god), but it is going to be a ton of fun, and rather scary. It is a collection of classic monsters like Witch, Vampire, Frankenstein, and of course a guy with a chainsaw. It is old-school cheeseballs, but for some they might even like it more. It is completely different then Bad Dreams, and way cooler then the Maze last year (although that was pretty fun i thought, but a lark). This is the real deal Holyfield which is why we are selling tickets to the event this year as one attraction. Any ticket you buy gets you into the two haunted houses. There will also be loads of side entertainment for FREE this year that weren't there last year making the whole event a full night of entertainment. This is all you are going to have to do for the night. Yes, including that.

Oh, and there will still be clowns. Bad Dreams has clowns. I won't tell you how, what or in what context, but a house about nightmares is obviously going to have a few clowns.