Friday, July 18, 2008

Stitching is Extended, Now With John Ventimiglia, "Artie Bucco" from The Sopranos

Although the reviews were mixed, the play i directed "Stitching" is a bona fide hit; Audiences are eating it up and coming back for more. The show was supposed to close on Saturday, July 19th and it has now been extended for two weeks and now has a new lead in John Ventimigli, or "Artie Bucco" the restaurant owner/ best friend of Tony Soprano on The Sopranos. I think this is very exciting news, and i am very much looking forward to inserting him into this very juicy role; i think he will be brilliant. What's more is that i asked for our Nightmare code to still be relevant throughout and it is!. It is still the cheapest discount code available. The show is now running through August 2nd, 2008 and you can still use code NMARE when ordering your tix and get $30 off the $45 price tag when going to the website at or by calling 212.352.3101.

So, you've got two more weeks and even more reason to check it out. I am surprised as anyone else that people are digging this play no matter how vulgar!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Announcing NYC's new Nightmare theme!

We've yet to update the website to announce this, nor have we sent out any press release to this effect. This is the first public announcement of this year's Nightmare haunted house theme. I am rewarding all those people who actually read this blog. Shhh, keep it a secret until we announce it, for rizzy.

This year's house is called Nightmare: Bad Dreams Come True. And there are several firsts. We have significantly amped up the production values this year, so for the first time there is not a single room that was in the house the year before. there is not a room in this house that has ever been seen before. As the title suggests, this being our 5th year anniversary we decided that Nightmare should actually be about nightmares. During the run last year we did an online poll asking people to tell us their most terrifying recurring nightmares and we are staging them. And they are scary. This year is sick, it is by far and away the best house ever. It's our anniversary for christ's sake, it's no holds barred, kid.

The other firsts are that we are having two haunted houses in one venue. Last year we had the maze, but this year we have Nightmare: Legends. It is a smaller house that focuses on all the things i would never put in the big house like classic horror characters. Be prepared to be reintroduced to Frankenstein, Vampires, Zombies, a guy with a chainsaw, and more. it is more fun than anything; it is supposed to remind you of the kind of haunted houses you went to back when you lived in the 'burbs.

Another first is we have a third attraction. We got possession of the back parking lot of our venue and we are throwing a tent up out there and doing Nightmare Circus. More on that later...tee-hee.