Sunday, June 22, 2008

Miami is a definite!

There has been some serious presumptions that Nightmare Miami was going to happen, but it is for sure, for sure now. It is going to open at SOHO Studios on September 26th and run through November 2nd. We will indeed be doing a new and much improved version of "Ghost Stories" (which i was already happy with, but this one will blow your knees out) down there. The NYC house (which is going to be called Bad Dreams Do Come True - more on that in another blog) is opening at the same time, so, holy shit!

the Miami house will feature the main attraction, as well as a mirror maze and a 4-D funeral attraction. There will also be a 13,000 square foot "lounge" that i think will make this one destination that Miamians (what are they?) can't miss. Well, the Miami Heat would probably miss because they couldn't throw it in the ocean last year and this year doesn't look much better.

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