Thursday, April 3, 2008

Miami, Haunternet, Nightmares.

Several announcements to make. It looks like Miami is a go for Nightmare Ghost Stories We are going to do last year's NYC house in the flamingo city, but fixing all the things that did not work last year in my opinion. So it is going to be a better version of Ghost Stories that you did not see. Guess you will have to fly down to Miami to see it. I am making improvements, but I will also be expanding it some because we have more space in Miami. I will also be implementing some of the ideas that our haunt partner has as well, the brilliant Steve Kopelman (of Thrillvania and The Nest). Crazily enough, this friggin' thing is going to open at the same effin' time as our NYC house! Am i out of my mind? Am I insane? Am i trying to sell you fireworks?

And finally, for craps sake, go to Haunternet is what i do all day. It is a site dedicate to all aspects of the haunted industry, and highlights the 1000's of wonderful haunts all across the globe. There is also a horror movie slant, and, i am almost too embarrassed to admit, a sexy girls in horror situations section called the Haunternet Girls. It is a cool site that you could spend some time on if you are at all interested in the horror/haunt industry or hot chicks.

Finally, I would like to formally announce that this year's NYC house will run a week longer - we have to figure out how the h-e double hockey sticks to get all of you foo's in - and it is about actual recurring Nightmares. we are going to be staging the nightmares that people emailed us, as well as classic psychologically meaningful nightmares. oh, and our production values are being ratcheted up in a big way. Last year's house did very well, and instead of resting on our laurels, we are putting that money into the house. You will feel it...viscerally.