Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is anyone reading this crap?

hey, i would like to write a blog at least once a week until there's some action(which there may be sooner than halloween), but not if no one is reading this crap. so, if you have a moment and you are reading these things let me know that i am not doing this in vain like i do everything else in my life.

until then...

Friday, November 9, 2007

The End, Thank You

so, i didn't write that many blogs during the haunted house. that is when i should have been. right? like, you were only moderately interested in this in the first place, and that modicum of interests was likely driven by "hell, let me see if there are any interesting antecdotes he tells about the run, like Tyra Banks came and she screamed so hard her tit fell out." well, she didn't come, but Giselle did come on halloween dressed like an FBI agent. her boobies, much to the chagrin of everyone gawking at her, stayed inside her dress, however.

Vincent D'Anafrio came with his whole family, and his son was too chicken and backed out after only the third room. D'Anafrio comes every year and he is actually a really nice guy. this is the first year his son chickened out. we finally got him. he's like 11.

but all in all the house was an enormous success. we broke all attendance and box office records. it was really quite remarkable really. not even in our wildest dreams did we think these kind of crowds were going to come. there was a tipping point somewhere along the way, and i'll never figure it out. i'd like to thank everyone who helped make this possible. firstly, sumeet Bharati. she's first because she helped out unumerably, but also because in my speach at our closing night party she was the only one i forgot, and she was more important than 90% of the people i mentioned, and she is secretly in love with me, but who isn't? she is the genral manager for the event. next chip meyrelles the execituve producer, jim glaub who headed up our website and internet marketing, and then... you know what, as i write this i realize there are like 100 people i could thank. so i am going to stop now. these people are not necessarily at the top of my list (but they might be) but they are who came to me first in my stream of consciosness. thanks to everyone involved. especially the beautiful actors. some of them weren't so beautiful, so were extremely beautiful and others were alright. you know who you are sucka faces.

so thanks again, i can't wait for next year's house, but we have other things in the hopper before then, so i will be sure to blog about them if you give a shit.

peace out