Monday, October 22, 2007

It's getttin' hot in there

we have had so many people come on fridays and saturdays that the accumulated body heat turns that place into an easy bake oven by 9 PM. so people come out drenched in sweat (partly because of the scares, partly because it is as hot as a bitch up in that piece. but mostly because of the scares, of course).

and also, please get your tickets in advance for any performance this thursday on. you should for wednesday and tuesday as well (the 23rd and 24th) but you might be able to get those at the box office. but you will be told it is sold out from thursday and beyond. one of the main questions we get on our hotline is "do we have to get them in advance?" well, yes, if you wanna get in. please listen to me as i tell you. get them in advance or don't whine about it if you get there and you are told we are sold out and happy Halloween.

finally, wear some g-d sensible shoes to this thing. i have seen so many stupid flip-flops and 3 inch heels. those are awful for this house. it isn't dangerous, but it is messy and challenging and requires some physicality on your behalf. so don't wear stupid shoes. please. you are just as cute without them. i think you are super cute in tennis shoes. they look great on you. all your friends are going to like you and that dude is still going to think it's hot that you are jumping all over him even if you are wearing an old pair of saucony's. cool? thanks

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Birthday

i turned 34 on tuesday. several of my cast members, who are on the youngish side, made me feel very old. they genuinely thought i was between 40 and 50. now i don't look that old do i? so for the record i am 34. and you are welcome to send me gifts.

It's Going Great, Sorry No Blogs, Reviews

Evidently, people read these things, so i need to be better about it.

We are in the stretch run and things couldn't be going better. people are coming, people are getting scared, people are leaving (sweating and hyper-ventilating). i look at the house and there are a million things i would do different, but that is always the case. i like its rough around the edges feel, but in years to come i would like to make it a little slicker and a little more durable. that's definitely happening. i feel the ideas are strong, but those ideas have to mesh better with a gazillion people trampling all over it every night. it has definitely held up better than year's past both literally and artistically, so i am happy about that, but it could always be better. much better. i will always strive to do that.

Our reviews have been fantastic. The Times gave us an out-of-the-box review that didn't make much sense, but it seemed like he thought it was disturbing and scary which is what he want (the part he didn't get is why anyone would subject themselves to that - and you know why you do!), The Daily News gave us a wonderful write-up. 5 out of 5 Screams! Time Out also rated us higher than our in-city competitor (not to be named here, but you know who they are. Daily News did the same by the way). So we are very happy.

NPR is doing another feature and I was on Maxim Radio yesterday ("whoa, bro, too much information. ha ha. are the girls hot, dude? awesome brohan i can't wait to go!").

Oddly enough we are going to be on the cover of this week's Next Magazine (a gay rag) and some MTV Network (i think MTV 4 or some shit) is coming to shoot their top 20 countdown from our house tonight and air it on halloween. and did you guys see me on good day new york last week? of course not, you guys aren't awake at 7:30 AM.

So it is going really well. i am going to the house right now to do some beautification of it. You guys are wrecking the crap out of it. but that just means your scared. so we'll fix it and be happy.

Monday, October 8, 2007

two weeks in the can! Hot 97 night

wow, people are loving this house and attendance is up two and a half times over last year. Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 was there on Friday night and it was a ton of fun. he is a great DJ. Hot 97 night was amazing. a kazillion people came, Cipha was broadcasting live from the house, and our ears are still ringing. we had such a new york moment on friday as well. Hot 97 sent down a 73 piece marching band to perform outside the haunted house. we had no idea they were coming, but there they were standing on the sidewalk with their tubas and flag dancers. It weas 9 PM, and all of a sudden a powerful marching band version of Thriller started blaring and filling up the streets of the LES. people were gathering from the whole neighborhood to watch, and people were poking their little pointy heads out the windows. it was pretty amazing... that no one issued a noise complaint and had us arrested. maybe its a case for the feds.

anyway, we have fangoria night coming up on thursday the 11th (and the giveaways for that night are amazing!).

tickets are sincerely selling fast from this point on, so don't wait a few days before. we also are selling tickets for this wednesday and thursday at smarttix a real good discount. use the codeword HUMP when purchasing your tickets at and you will get $15 off the SuperHaunt ticket (normally $35 at the door - includes both the house and maze). this is absolutely the last time we are going to do anything like that. once we get into this weekend forget about it. we are damn near already sold out for many performances!

finally, nightmare backstage is coming up on october 15th. this is actually going to be an awesome event. me and my concept team and designers are going to answer any questions you might have, do demonstrations, and then take you through the house and show you how things work in the house. show you all the secrets. like a DVD special feature "making of", "behind the scenes", "featurette", "sneak peak", "inside look", "first look", "you saw it here first", "this is how we do it", "come and get some", "tuna fish sandwich" kind of thing. it is totally worth the $20. that is an amazing tuna fish sandwich we aren't talking about here.