Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Big Designers Meeting

so, we have been conceptualizing for months. we wrapped the room conceptualization a month and a half ago, and then we went into the design phase. first was getting the overall room designs from the set designer. each room is fully drawn. to scale, ready to be built. we then created a kit of all 23 rooms and we scheduled our first all design team meeting. i presented the house to the entire team for the first time. It was a complete success as the entire team was very impressed and excited and thought hands down that this was the most creative house that we have ever done. they all can't wait to sink their teeth into their respective roles.

the one thing that everyone got stoked about was the fusion between the artistic and theatrical with the shocks and scares. in years past i have been struggling with a way to make the house unique, creative, artistic and theatrical as well as scary. although with each year i get better at this, the consensus seems to be that this house is equal parts inventive/ creative and balls out scary. we have so many "boos" in the house this year you're going to scream your nuts off. you too ladies. but what is cooler are these boos are done in a way that you have never seen before. i have been in too many houses where you can point to where you know thet scarer is and how it is going to be done. long hall, long hall, long hall - BOO! yeah, no buster brown, you didn't get me. knew you were there.

not this time sucka punk. we're gonna getcha. homie..we'll wetcha.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We've Launched!

but i guess you already know that. you wouldn't be able to read this otherwise. But i am writing this on the day that we went live, so it is new to me. we always had a holding page, but now the full site with its complete redesign has been launched. there are still plenty of bells and whistles that need to be worked out and added, but more than just the nuts and bolts are here. so, whaddya think? pretty cool site, no? i like it. it is a bold move for us because we have always had a completely different look and feel in the past. what is risky about it for us is that our sites in the past have also been extremely effective. people thought they were scary, thought our house would be scary and then bought a ticket. i hope people think this site is scary, but we decided that useful, utilitarian and interesting were equally as important. it is not quite as atmospheric, but this why. some flashy things need to be sacrificed to make the site more useful like Thomas the Train. he's a very useful tank engine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid Ghosts

As many of you might know, especially if you were interested enough in reading this blog, that this year's house is based on ghost stories that people wrote in during last year's house. i was looking for personal experiences to dramatize. we are combining those haunting experiences with iconic stories that we all know and love from camping and roasting socks over the campfire. i think the combo will make a wholly original ghostly experience. Many of the submissions were pretty scary and offered a great deal of opportunity to theatricalize and bring to life. And since these were personal it also brought the opportunity to stage experiences that are completely new, but equally as terrifying. And then there were the assholes.

Since it was a contest to win a trip to Vegas if you participated, many people sent something in just to qualify, so many of the answers were some true bullcrud. I got "you know the one about "blah, blah, blah", "my grandfather's house has a wife and kids in it and he sees them every night" (what the f?), to my personal favorite: "I did a kick flip once!" thanks bro-han, great ghost story you douche. the list goes on and on. i got this one on more that a dozen occasions: "ghosts."

we want to run a similar campaign every year where we ask people stuff that will help inform the next year's house for the chance to win something, but it would be great if one actually participated. To be true to our contest rules and regulations - if you submitted you qualify - but i think we need to look at these bylaws a bit. I think we can do better than "Hey, I'm A Dick" as a submission to "Are You Afraid of Clowns?", no?

so, thanks for the ghost stories for those who participated in earnest, and thanks for the laughs to those who didn't (but let's try harder next time, 'kay?).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Maze

We are having a great big, indoor maze this year. although not as big as the haunted house, or as complex in interior design elements, it is going to be scary and every bit worth the $10 we are going to charge for it. it will not be easy to get out either. i have a couple of plans for that that i can't tell you about. I'll just say, in certain scenarios, you will literally not be able to get out of it (okay i will just tell you - we are actually going to try and kill you for fifteen minutes after the alarm goes off. just kidding. no i am not). and what's worse, is that we are going to have baddies chasing your ass the whole time. i am actually looking very much forward to mounting this for the first time. we had a maze a couple of years ago, but it was flimsy, easy to get out of (unless you were an idiot), small and not drunk asshole proof. this one is of the sturdy, industrial variety, and it is big.

we don't have a name for it as of yet, so if anyone has any ideas, please chime in....

Monday, July 9, 2007

Haunternet, Drive-In, Scare Room

We are currently developing and set to launch a national haunted house directory website called Haunternet.com. it also has haunted house and horror movie news and reviews, free downloads, games, and very sexy "Haunternet Girls" which means we have photos of your mom. We will be launching it withing the next two weeks (a soft opening tomorrow, but it will not be available to the public yet, sucker). It is going to be a really cool website.

We are also this close to doing a drive-in movie night with Hot 97 and Lionsgate. The aim is to premiere a horror movie in the parking lot of our haunted house venue with the sound coming from an FM radio feed in the cars that you are sitting in (well, not necessarily you specifically, but someone that looks like you but dresses cooler and wears black framed glasses). it is going to be incredible, but we are still working out the details, so i am not one-hundred percent sure it is going to happen yet.

finally, get your face together because you are going to be recorded several times in this year's haunted house. we have one room that is only visible with a super stunning photographer's flash. in the flashes you can see the horrors coming your way, and then darkness. in that flash, however, we are taking your photo and will be putting it on our website so that you can dowload it for free if you want it, or for others to laugh at how stupid you look scared shitless. the other room is the scariest room in the house. can't tell you what it is, but what i can tell you is that it is fool proof scary, and because of that we are setting up a closed-circuit camera to feed into the lobby where patrons are waiting to go in. what the people in the queue will see is only the part where you guys are screaming like baby goats. you will not be able to help yourself!