Monday, October 8, 2007

two weeks in the can! Hot 97 night

wow, people are loving this house and attendance is up two and a half times over last year. Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 was there on Friday night and it was a ton of fun. he is a great DJ. Hot 97 night was amazing. a kazillion people came, Cipha was broadcasting live from the house, and our ears are still ringing. we had such a new york moment on friday as well. Hot 97 sent down a 73 piece marching band to perform outside the haunted house. we had no idea they were coming, but there they were standing on the sidewalk with their tubas and flag dancers. It weas 9 PM, and all of a sudden a powerful marching band version of Thriller started blaring and filling up the streets of the LES. people were gathering from the whole neighborhood to watch, and people were poking their little pointy heads out the windows. it was pretty amazing... that no one issued a noise complaint and had us arrested. maybe its a case for the feds.

anyway, we have fangoria night coming up on thursday the 11th (and the giveaways for that night are amazing!).

tickets are sincerely selling fast from this point on, so don't wait a few days before. we also are selling tickets for this wednesday and thursday at smarttix a real good discount. use the codeword HUMP when purchasing your tickets at and you will get $15 off the SuperHaunt ticket (normally $35 at the door - includes both the house and maze). this is absolutely the last time we are going to do anything like that. once we get into this weekend forget about it. we are damn near already sold out for many performances!

finally, nightmare backstage is coming up on october 15th. this is actually going to be an awesome event. me and my concept team and designers are going to answer any questions you might have, do demonstrations, and then take you through the house and show you how things work in the house. show you all the secrets. like a DVD special feature "making of", "behind the scenes", "featurette", "sneak peak", "inside look", "first look", "you saw it here first", "this is how we do it", "come and get some", "tuna fish sandwich" kind of thing. it is totally worth the $20. that is an amazing tuna fish sandwich we aren't talking about here.


Knit-Head said...

Tim!!!! It's your former boss from Tisch, Grad Film Reception - Alyce! Remember me?! How the hell are you?! I saw your name on the haunted house subway poster and thought I'd search online to see if it is you and behold, it is! Most impressive!! My husband and I do special effects make-up and we'd love to be involved in any way! You can see some of our work here:

You can reach me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nicole said...

Tim OMG I loved the House. I went last night and it was amazing. I was scared out of my mind. It was so better than last year. I can't wait to see what you come up with next year. I will be there with bells on. And I will like to wish you a Happy Birthday. Much Love

Electrogirl said...

dude...I'm so pissed that I was inside the house when that marching band went by!!

yes, i came here just to WHINE about something completely rediculous. But it's what you know and love me for. Right? :)

no, fo serious son....the house is KILLAH, and we love being there scaring the shit outta the poor folks walking through. You know Sabrini literally scared the pee out of a girl the other night? SHE PEED!!! I thought that would make your heart grow three sizes and produce a big, proud grin and I hope it did. I, sadly, have not made such tremendous accomplishments...but I do scare people down to the floor at points, yeah - they actually get down on the floor and cover their heads in fear. That feels...just awesome. SO for all you reading this blog...a forewarning: We (the ghosts of Nightmare) have no mercy :) Take heed...

Rock on Tim Haskell, ROCK ON!

Verna said...

Thanks for writing this.