Monday, October 22, 2007

It's getttin' hot in there

we have had so many people come on fridays and saturdays that the accumulated body heat turns that place into an easy bake oven by 9 PM. so people come out drenched in sweat (partly because of the scares, partly because it is as hot as a bitch up in that piece. but mostly because of the scares, of course).

and also, please get your tickets in advance for any performance this thursday on. you should for wednesday and tuesday as well (the 23rd and 24th) but you might be able to get those at the box office. but you will be told it is sold out from thursday and beyond. one of the main questions we get on our hotline is "do we have to get them in advance?" well, yes, if you wanna get in. please listen to me as i tell you. get them in advance or don't whine about it if you get there and you are told we are sold out and happy Halloween.

finally, wear some g-d sensible shoes to this thing. i have seen so many stupid flip-flops and 3 inch heels. those are awful for this house. it isn't dangerous, but it is messy and challenging and requires some physicality on your behalf. so don't wear stupid shoes. please. you are just as cute without them. i think you are super cute in tennis shoes. they look great on you. all your friends are going to like you and that dude is still going to think it's hot that you are jumping all over him even if you are wearing an old pair of saucony's. cool? thanks

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Anonymous said...

Saucony's LMAO!!!