Saturday, September 29, 2007

we're open!

so we had a press gala opening on Thursday and i was panicked. the house wasn't finished, not by a long shot, and it was super crowded. it was also a time out ny free stuff event and they were bringing like 500 people. i was practically catatonic with stress and was certain it was going to be a humiliating disaster. there were doors not installed, rooms not finished, special effects not operational, and hardly any of the roofs were even on. a pretty big mess.

but we pulled it off. we made do with what we had. we did temper the audiences expectations a bit because i thought it was awful. but i was wrong. people really seemed to like our half a house. this was very, very encouraging. then on friday, when we were at like 90% done, it was really cooking. audiences were going bananas. i was talking to people in the lobby when they exited and discovered so many repeat customers from years past, and all of them telling me this was by far and away the best house we have done, bar none.

i am usually quite down on myself. i never think i got it just right. the response is usually very positive, but there are always a couple of assholes who go out of their way to act like one and say some stupid things. not this time. i don't think it is perfect, but i am very pleased with it. i am proud of this house and i hope you guys enjoy it as much as the people from the first three days. that is, until a bunch of frat boys come in and wreck the place because they think their girlfriends think that kind of behavior is sexy. sadly, they are probably right. so don't join a fraternity and come to the haunted house! leave you cynicism at the door partyman.

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