Thursday, September 6, 2007


we have gotten dozens of requests for when we are going to be hiring for the house. we are posting something on our website later today as well as all of our social networking sites, but you can hear it here first. the open calls will be September 18th and 19th at CSV (located at 107 Suffolk Street between rivington and delancey in the lower eastside) between 5-8 PM. bring headhsot and resume. if you are a veteran from year's past you will get first preference, but we have a lot of performer and front of house staff opportunities, so some on down.

there you have it. i hope to see many of you there!


Anonymous said...

I herd there were 65 people people last night!!!

"Colorado Haunted Houses Fan" said...

I don't know if I could ever work at one of these haunted houses. It doesn't take much to make me laugh and break my monotone demeanor. I love going to them though,and I'm always impressed with the people they do get to work at them. I hope they have a good crew this year!