Wednesday, September 26, 2007

omigod like i am so sorry

this is the most crucial time for me to blog because i am supposed to be writing about how it is going, what's going on, how awesome everything, this is cool, that isn't, your mama this, etc. but this is absolutely the most difficult time for me to do so. i am crazy, as well as crazy busy and the whole team has worked very late into the night to get this up. the house is more technically sophisticated than ever before. and if we can put it altogether on time it will be great. if we don't, then, er, not as much. i'm banking on us pulling it together. it is the only way. it's the little things that i am concerned about like whether we pounded out all the screws jutting out. just kidding. but watch your heads just in case. just kidding. but do watch them.

anyway, i brought the actors throught house today teaching them all of the roles and they were completely psyched. they unequivically gave this house the nod over previous years. we have a lot of tremedous talent working this year. so many veterans from years past came back, so we have a very experienced crew. we had the luck of being able to choose the very best for once. it isn't always that way. i believe we have the best of the best from year's past. they are ready to scare the bile out of you, and i know they can. watch out sucka, here comes the spiderman! what?

peace out i got gout

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Eric Striffler said...

Heyy I'm actually going to Nightmare on Saturday night and I was just wondering if it would be better to go later in October or to go Saturday?
Will you guys be all up and running by Saturday or will you still be working out kinks? :O
I want to get the full experience! :D
Plus, do you think alot of people will already be going this early? I have to go eatly because I have alot of stuff planned to go to and it fits better if we do this first. :D

Let me know!

-Eric Striffler