Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Long Enough and You'll See it All

As many of you might remember, we did 5 houses last year, and are doing only the one really big one this year. there are many reasons for this, many of them i have gone over in this very blog, but one i haven't addressed is the improvement on your experience.

the Manhattan house is the flagship store, yet out of the 5 houses last year it might not have been the strongest. not all of the time, mind you, but on those nights that we were super crowded. that makes a huge difference. you see, one of the things i realized after last year's experience is the reason people seemed to be more scared at the brooklyn and Staten Island houses last year was because they had a nice even flow of people, but rarely got overwhelmed. Manhattan was always overwhelmed. what a nice steady pace does is allows the actors to stay energized and fresh without the pressure to keep it moving. thus people are in the house longer, have more concentrated scares, more energy, and a better experience. so i designed this house on having that kind of experience in this super busy house in Manhattan.

what i've done is create a house that is twice as long for starters, but even more importantly, it is designed so that no matter where you are you will not miss the happening in the room. it is happening all around you and all of the time. it is also okay if you combine with another group, you probably won't even realize it. there is a real linearity to it all and you are focused on where you are in the house, and not getting lost. it is not dependant on events that have beginnings, middles and ends. it is intense the entire time. so no matter how busy the house is it will always work. there is no need to execute more quickly. and we are now on the third day of load in, and it looks amazing. this house is bananas and i can't wait for each and everyone of you to go through. if you do and you have a good time, let us know. if you don't, then kiss my butt, we did our best (and you're a cynical bastard!)

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Anonymous said...

dammit i wish i would be working there scaring people, but i missed the open calls..Shit!!!!