Monday, September 17, 2007


so it looks like we are putting on Manhattan's only drive-in movie theatre on October 5th,6th and 7th. this is a costly venture ion general so we have been waiting to hear if a sponosr came through to help put this on on Hot's end. and it looks like one has. if this goes according to plan we will be showing the first three movies in this partner's film franchise. i don't wanna say too mch just in case it all falls through, but this same partner has a new entry in this franchise coming out on October 26th. what? you think it is who? oh,i'm not sure, can't say at this time.

but the only way you can see it (and we will have a car partner as well, you are going to be sitting in one of the seats in a car) is by winning the tickets on Hot 97. it is the absolute only way. so whether you like hip-hop or r and b, listen to hot 97 for the next 6 weeks. they are going to be giving away a ton of cool crap. so run, don't walk. and keep up with the promotions page on the site for me details about this hot 97 weekend.

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