Friday, August 31, 2007

Wow, the Combo is working

first off, i am very surprised that we've sold any tickets to the haunted house at this early stage. i am even more surprised that we sold our first tickets like threew weeks ago. and even more surprised by how many we have sold. it's fantastic! i can't believe people are thinking about halloween events in August. but hell, i am glad you are. BUT what's most surprising is that every single - not some, the majority or even most - but ALL of the tickets we have sold thus far are combo tickets. that means the house and the maze. people are really getting into this one low price for the two events.

trust me when i tell you, if you sign up for either the email list or our text club on the website then i promise you you will get the cheapest tickets that we will ever offer on tuesday, september 4th. we are sending out a blast that will shave $10 off the combo ticket price if you are a new list member from the last couple of months. we are only going to send this out once, and the buy by date is september 15th, and the only way to even know what the code is is if you get either the email or the text message wit it in it. so sign up now, take advantage of it, and hope to see you at the house!