Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sound Design

I am the creator and head of the concept team for the Nightmare haunted houses. i am also the director and one of the producers. one of the things i have yet to be is one of the designers. now, when i say designer i mean in the theatrical sense. as a theatre director by trade, when i direct a play i hire the lighting designer, the sound designer, the set designer, the romantic designer and the designer jeans. and as i do when i am directing, what they design is based on my vision for the play and my direction in how i would like for them to do it. it's the same thing for the haunted house.

Except, in addition to being the director i am actually designing on that practical level as well. out of all of the design mediums, the one i have always been most attracted to was sound design. i remember when i was a little boy going to MGM studios in Orlando and going to this one "exhibit" that had you put on this black helmet. you couldn't see with this helmet on, and the helmet had speakers in it. there was this corny little detective story that played out completely aurally. it was pretty amazing the way it was designed. it was an experiment on how the senses play off of each other. when the voice got close it sounded like the character was whispering to you and you could feel his breath. it was all kinds of little gimmicks like that. i loved it, and fell in love with sound design.

so i have been training myself on sound design and have already sunk my teeth into it. i am really enjoying it. the only hint i will give you about what is the sound design is that each room has its own ghost story as told to us by the users who came to the site last year and participated in our ghost story campaign. each room will tell those stories in more ways than one. and i like whispers.

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