Thursday, August 23, 2007

Secret Text Club Early Bird Special

this is not something we advertise on the site, but if you are reading this blog you deserve better, so i am going to let you in on a little secret. if you join either our text club or email list before september 1st we are blasting to all of the new list members a code that has to be used before september 15th that will be the cheapest tickets we will ever offer for this year. no discounts we will do will ever be as cheap as what is being offered in this text and email blast. it's a way to say "hey, thanks for signing up for a list for a halloween event in the middle of summer! here's your reward!" it is an early bird special. it is also a way for us to test the effectiveness of text blasting. this is a new thing that will probably become passe by like next year.

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