Thursday, August 23, 2007

the maze on the site

i suggest you do the maze on the site. it is very cool. it was designed by our crack design team here at Nightamre Central, headed up by Mister Jim Glaub. it is not as big as the maze will be at the venue, if it was it would literally be impossible for you to get through in an 8 hour day. BUT it will be as difficult in relative terms. the virtual maze (as any maze on paper) you can see from above, the whole thing, and can quickly fix your mistakes. when walking through one you have no idea which way to go. there is nothing for you to go on. so i think our venue maze will be as difficult as this virtual one relatively thinking. at least, that was the idea. i did it in three tries (the tougher part is you have to finish before the bad guy). someone in the office did it in one, but that was pretty spectacular. if you do it in one i will mail youb $1. to prove you did, all you have to do is tell me and i will believe you of course. and while waiting for that dollar, you should hold your breath. that should work out well.

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