Friday, August 31, 2007

Wow, the Combo is working

first off, i am very surprised that we've sold any tickets to the haunted house at this early stage. i am even more surprised that we sold our first tickets like threew weeks ago. and even more surprised by how many we have sold. it's fantastic! i can't believe people are thinking about halloween events in August. but hell, i am glad you are. BUT what's most surprising is that every single - not some, the majority or even most - but ALL of the tickets we have sold thus far are combo tickets. that means the house and the maze. people are really getting into this one low price for the two events.

trust me when i tell you, if you sign up for either the email list or our text club on the website then i promise you you will get the cheapest tickets that we will ever offer on tuesday, september 4th. we are sending out a blast that will shave $10 off the combo ticket price if you are a new list member from the last couple of months. we are only going to send this out once, and the buy by date is september 15th, and the only way to even know what the code is is if you get either the email or the text message wit it in it. so sign up now, take advantage of it, and hope to see you at the house!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Virtual Tour of the House

Please check back on the site middle of next week. by then we will probably have posted our new virtual tour of the house. we are storyboarding 10 out of the 23 rooms in the house. the ones we are not doing were just too difficult to avoid spoiling what happens in the room. the ones we do have will give you an indication of how friggin' cool this year's house is going to be. we really, really, really raised the bar this year. if you take this virtual tour i think you will get so excited to go that the tension created from not being able to go until the end of September might make you kill something.

Secret Text Club Early Bird Special

this is not something we advertise on the site, but if you are reading this blog you deserve better, so i am going to let you in on a little secret. if you join either our text club or email list before september 1st we are blasting to all of the new list members a code that has to be used before september 15th that will be the cheapest tickets we will ever offer for this year. no discounts we will do will ever be as cheap as what is being offered in this text and email blast. it's a way to say "hey, thanks for signing up for a list for a halloween event in the middle of summer! here's your reward!" it is an early bird special. it is also a way for us to test the effectiveness of text blasting. this is a new thing that will probably become passe by like next year.

the maze on the site

i suggest you do the maze on the site. it is very cool. it was designed by our crack design team here at Nightamre Central, headed up by Mister Jim Glaub. it is not as big as the maze will be at the venue, if it was it would literally be impossible for you to get through in an 8 hour day. BUT it will be as difficult in relative terms. the virtual maze (as any maze on paper) you can see from above, the whole thing, and can quickly fix your mistakes. when walking through one you have no idea which way to go. there is nothing for you to go on. so i think our venue maze will be as difficult as this virtual one relatively thinking. at least, that was the idea. i did it in three tries (the tougher part is you have to finish before the bad guy). someone in the office did it in one, but that was pretty spectacular. if you do it in one i will mail youb $1. to prove you did, all you have to do is tell me and i will believe you of course. and while waiting for that dollar, you should hold your breath. that should work out well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Haunternet Blues

our big haunted house directory website was supposed to launch July 10th. we still haven't. tons of programming. it is a very big site. i had no idea it would be so complicated. i thought websites just built themselves.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sound Design

I am the creator and head of the concept team for the Nightmare haunted houses. i am also the director and one of the producers. one of the things i have yet to be is one of the designers. now, when i say designer i mean in the theatrical sense. as a theatre director by trade, when i direct a play i hire the lighting designer, the sound designer, the set designer, the romantic designer and the designer jeans. and as i do when i am directing, what they design is based on my vision for the play and my direction in how i would like for them to do it. it's the same thing for the haunted house.

Except, in addition to being the director i am actually designing on that practical level as well. out of all of the design mediums, the one i have always been most attracted to was sound design. i remember when i was a little boy going to MGM studios in Orlando and going to this one "exhibit" that had you put on this black helmet. you couldn't see with this helmet on, and the helmet had speakers in it. there was this corny little detective story that played out completely aurally. it was pretty amazing the way it was designed. it was an experiment on how the senses play off of each other. when the voice got close it sounded like the character was whispering to you and you could feel his breath. it was all kinds of little gimmicks like that. i loved it, and fell in love with sound design.

so i have been training myself on sound design and have already sunk my teeth into it. i am really enjoying it. the only hint i will give you about what is the sound design is that each room has its own ghost story as told to us by the users who came to the site last year and participated in our ghost story campaign. each room will tell those stories in more ways than one. and i like whispers.