Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We've Launched!

but i guess you already know that. you wouldn't be able to read this otherwise. But i am writing this on the day that we went live, so it is new to me. we always had a holding page, but now the full site with its complete redesign has been launched. there are still plenty of bells and whistles that need to be worked out and added, but more than just the nuts and bolts are here. so, whaddya think? pretty cool site, no? i like it. it is a bold move for us because we have always had a completely different look and feel in the past. what is risky about it for us is that our sites in the past have also been extremely effective. people thought they were scary, thought our house would be scary and then bought a ticket. i hope people think this site is scary, but we decided that useful, utilitarian and interesting were equally as important. it is not quite as atmospheric, but this why. some flashy things need to be sacrificed to make the site more useful like Thomas the Train. he's a very useful tank engine.

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VampireFaust said...

I have placed information about the haunted house on my "Eternal Vigilance" blog ( Please let me know if there are any additional promotions you would like assistance with. Best wishes!