Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stupid Ghosts

As many of you might know, especially if you were interested enough in reading this blog, that this year's house is based on ghost stories that people wrote in during last year's house. i was looking for personal experiences to dramatize. we are combining those haunting experiences with iconic stories that we all know and love from camping and roasting socks over the campfire. i think the combo will make a wholly original ghostly experience. Many of the submissions were pretty scary and offered a great deal of opportunity to theatricalize and bring to life. And since these were personal it also brought the opportunity to stage experiences that are completely new, but equally as terrifying. And then there were the assholes.

Since it was a contest to win a trip to Vegas if you participated, many people sent something in just to qualify, so many of the answers were some true bullcrud. I got "you know the one about "blah, blah, blah", "my grandfather's house has a wife and kids in it and he sees them every night" (what the f?), to my personal favorite: "I did a kick flip once!" thanks bro-han, great ghost story you douche. the list goes on and on. i got this one on more that a dozen occasions: "ghosts."

we want to run a similar campaign every year where we ask people stuff that will help inform the next year's house for the chance to win something, but it would be great if one actually participated. To be true to our contest rules and regulations - if you submitted you qualify - but i think we need to look at these bylaws a bit. I think we can do better than "Hey, I'm A Dick" as a submission to "Are You Afraid of Clowns?", no?

so, thanks for the ghost stories for those who participated in earnest, and thanks for the laughs to those who didn't (but let's try harder next time, 'kay?).

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