Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Maze

We are having a great big, indoor maze this year. although not as big as the haunted house, or as complex in interior design elements, it is going to be scary and every bit worth the $10 we are going to charge for it. it will not be easy to get out either. i have a couple of plans for that that i can't tell you about. I'll just say, in certain scenarios, you will literally not be able to get out of it (okay i will just tell you - we are actually going to try and kill you for fifteen minutes after the alarm goes off. just kidding. no i am not). and what's worse, is that we are going to have baddies chasing your ass the whole time. i am actually looking very much forward to mounting this for the first time. we had a maze a couple of years ago, but it was flimsy, easy to get out of (unless you were an idiot), small and not drunk asshole proof. this one is of the sturdy, industrial variety, and it is big.

we don't have a name for it as of yet, so if anyone has any ideas, please chime in....

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