Monday, July 9, 2007

Haunternet, Drive-In, Scare Room

We are currently developing and set to launch a national haunted house directory website called it also has haunted house and horror movie news and reviews, free downloads, games, and very sexy "Haunternet Girls" which means we have photos of your mom. We will be launching it withing the next two weeks (a soft opening tomorrow, but it will not be available to the public yet, sucker). It is going to be a really cool website.

We are also this close to doing a drive-in movie night with Hot 97 and Lionsgate. The aim is to premiere a horror movie in the parking lot of our haunted house venue with the sound coming from an FM radio feed in the cars that you are sitting in (well, not necessarily you specifically, but someone that looks like you but dresses cooler and wears black framed glasses). it is going to be incredible, but we are still working out the details, so i am not one-hundred percent sure it is going to happen yet.

finally, get your face together because you are going to be recorded several times in this year's haunted house. we have one room that is only visible with a super stunning photographer's flash. in the flashes you can see the horrors coming your way, and then darkness. in that flash, however, we are taking your photo and will be putting it on our website so that you can dowload it for free if you want it, or for others to laugh at how stupid you look scared shitless. the other room is the scariest room in the house. can't tell you what it is, but what i can tell you is that it is fool proof scary, and because of that we are setting up a closed-circuit camera to feed into the lobby where patrons are waiting to go in. what the people in the queue will see is only the part where you guys are screaming like baby goats. you will not be able to help yourself!

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Electrogirl said...

I can't even tell you how amazingly cool I find both concepts you described with the flashing lights. I have been itching to know what you were going to come up with for this year since October 2nd last year. I mean I worked in the damn house and it scared the shit out of me every this, this is really starting to freak me out. the fact that you're going to, no doubt, outstandingly top last year - i'm peeing my pants as we speak. my boss is going to be so mad...

(Manhattan Clown)