Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Big Designers Meeting

so, we have been conceptualizing for months. we wrapped the room conceptualization a month and a half ago, and then we went into the design phase. first was getting the overall room designs from the set designer. each room is fully drawn. to scale, ready to be built. we then created a kit of all 23 rooms and we scheduled our first all design team meeting. i presented the house to the entire team for the first time. It was a complete success as the entire team was very impressed and excited and thought hands down that this was the most creative house that we have ever done. they all can't wait to sink their teeth into their respective roles.

the one thing that everyone got stoked about was the fusion between the artistic and theatrical with the shocks and scares. in years past i have been struggling with a way to make the house unique, creative, artistic and theatrical as well as scary. although with each year i get better at this, the consensus seems to be that this house is equal parts inventive/ creative and balls out scary. we have so many "boos" in the house this year you're going to scream your nuts off. you too ladies. but what is cooler are these boos are done in a way that you have never seen before. i have been in too many houses where you can point to where you know thet scarer is and how it is going to be done. long hall, long hall, long hall - BOO! yeah, no buster brown, you didn't get me. knew you were there.

not this time sucka punk. we're gonna getcha. homie..we'll wetcha.

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Electrogirl said...

I know I told you this a million times last year...but dude, you're fuckin brilliant. I am without a doubt SO astranomically excited to see this house and I still have to wait another month and a half. NOT COOL! I'm keeping my eye out for your audition postings in playbill and backstage in the coming months. I have a 9-5 now, but lord knows I'll risk sleeping to be a part of this. I. Cant. Wait. And i promise, no panic/anxiety/asthma/heart attacks on my part this year. ::smiles::