Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My colon

earlier this week i had a probe go up my butt to check for the reason why i have had abdominal cramps for some time now. the worry was some serious stuff, so they did a colonoscopy. fortunately they found nothing and i don't have anything serious, at least nothing serious in my colon. they are going to probe me in different ways over the next couple of weeks, but i think i dodged the biggest bullet (knock on wood). now the bad part is that they couldn't (or perhaps wouldn't? those a-holes) give me a video copy of the journey up my bowels on DVD. they claim that it "doesn't work like that" so i settled for some crappy photos printed off a computer. not even decent high-res scans. i bet you if i was someone famous like Pauly Shore they would have given me the video no problem! even KIT from Knight Rider.

the reason why i wanted them is because i thought it would make for an excellent screen saver to offer on our website. so you have Dr. Blechman to thank for not having that amenity. i also thought it might make for some cool video projections in the haunted house itself. maybe next year when i have a urinary tract infection i will demand it!


JOHN said...

I can provide lots of inner colon footage.

Timothy Haskell said...

do tell... i want it