Monday, June 18, 2007

a family affair

My haunted house is a family affair. my two brilliant brothers are lead designers, Justin and Aaron, and my wife proactively wants nothing to do with it. so we are all doing our part! actually, when i first started this house it was because there was no house in NYC at the time worth a crap, so my wife and i built this thing up from scratch. she was three months pregnant and she was the ticket taker, house manager, line supervisor and she even from time to time had to perform in the first room until some frat boy asshole tried to kick her. i felt like that was not so good. we made a smallish but pretty cool house that only ran for 7 days and was really popular. sold out every night in fact, but in order for me to do it i sold away like 98% of the thing so i actually lost money on it. but the point was to create an annual event for the pay off to happen every year after the first. well, broadway producer Chip Meyrelles was in the line that first year, saw its potential and asked me if i wanted him to help me produce it. i said hell yeah, and this thing has grown ever since. it is now my full-time job, we run for 30 days instead of 7, the house has grown from 8 rooms to 23 and the design quality is off the chain. it's a pretty cool thing, and my son (now 2 years old) has a daddy with the most unique job in town, one that got mommy kicked by a frat boy while he was in her tummy. he says he doesn't remember that though.

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