Thursday, June 28, 2007

1408, Hostel 2 and Halloween

Some people hate Eli Roth and his ilk with his torture porn and his cheeky attitude, but i'm sorry i like those movies. i'm not going to apologize, i'm just not. that's how i'm cut. and the other big criticism is PG-13 Horror movies. now this i agree is bullshit. If a horror movie is terribly scary alone it should be rated R so right off the bat i think the thing sucks if it isn't. and 99 times out of 11 it's true, but 1408 actually doesn't suck. it really works. it gets a little dumber as it goes on, but then wraps up nicely at the end, and then the ,very, very end sucks a little bit again, but i'm okay with that because it's hard to make a movie jackson!

but all told I've enjoyed the summer horror movies. this is really the first summer that horror movies have tried to open in and by and large they have tanked. people have started crying that it is "the end of horror" and of course that is wiggidy wiggidy whack. horror movies aren't summer fare. the summer is for irreverent comedies and very violent family action flicks. everybody knows this. but if you are a true horror film nit like me than you went and saw them anyway and saw 28 weeks later which totally rocked, vacancy which had a real nice premise, was kinda of good for a while, and then sucked, Hostel 2 which i really enjoyed, the hills have eyes which i TOTALLY didn't see, but i heard that people did see it, and 1408 which i really liked. of course there were more, but stop putting so much pressure on me i ain't friggin' fandango. Oh, and The Host was probably the best horror film all summer!

anyway, i am going to see Black Sheep this weekend and i hear it kicks cans and takes foggy, so i am looking forward to seeing it.

oh, and i bought the original Halloween the other day on DVD and watched it for the first time in like forever in anticipation of the Rob Zombie version, and can i just say that movie still holds up. run out and see it again at your local movie house immediately 22 years ago.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My colon

earlier this week i had a probe go up my butt to check for the reason why i have had abdominal cramps for some time now. the worry was some serious stuff, so they did a colonoscopy. fortunately they found nothing and i don't have anything serious, at least nothing serious in my colon. they are going to probe me in different ways over the next couple of weeks, but i think i dodged the biggest bullet (knock on wood). now the bad part is that they couldn't (or perhaps wouldn't? those a-holes) give me a video copy of the journey up my bowels on DVD. they claim that it "doesn't work like that" so i settled for some crappy photos printed off a computer. not even decent high-res scans. i bet you if i was someone famous like Pauly Shore they would have given me the video no problem! even KIT from Knight Rider.

the reason why i wanted them is because i thought it would make for an excellent screen saver to offer on our website. so you have Dr. Blechman to thank for not having that amenity. i also thought it might make for some cool video projections in the haunted house itself. maybe next year when i have a urinary tract infection i will demand it!

Friday, June 22, 2007


so, we have what might be the scariest logo yet this year. i feel like our logo has always worked, but this year scares me. it should be up on our website soon if it isn't already. i dunno about these things. no one talks to me. hell, the house might have happened already for all i know. who knows? nobody. except.

Monday, June 18, 2007

a family affair

My haunted house is a family affair. my two brilliant brothers are lead designers, Justin and Aaron, and my wife proactively wants nothing to do with it. so we are all doing our part! actually, when i first started this house it was because there was no house in NYC at the time worth a crap, so my wife and i built this thing up from scratch. she was three months pregnant and she was the ticket taker, house manager, line supervisor and she even from time to time had to perform in the first room until some frat boy asshole tried to kick her. i felt like that was not so good. we made a smallish but pretty cool house that only ran for 7 days and was really popular. sold out every night in fact, but in order for me to do it i sold away like 98% of the thing so i actually lost money on it. but the point was to create an annual event for the pay off to happen every year after the first. well, broadway producer Chip Meyrelles was in the line that first year, saw its potential and asked me if i wanted him to help me produce it. i said hell yeah, and this thing has grown ever since. it is now my full-time job, we run for 30 days instead of 7, the house has grown from 8 rooms to 23 and the design quality is off the chain. it's a pretty cool thing, and my son (now 2 years old) has a daddy with the most unique job in town, one that got mommy kicked by a frat boy while he was in her tummy. he says he doesn't remember that though.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hey my first blog ever,like...ever

So this is my first blog ever, not just for this website, but ever in my life. Its mostly because i can't believe people read blogs. i mean, seriously people! i usually think this while I'm reading one. It's usually like, "blah, blah, blah, the last episode of Lost...blah, blah, blah Frappuccino, blah, blah. blah eating babies" and its fascinating because you are essentially reading a journal entry that was written to be read while pretending to be candid. like that guy who writes his diary with the idea that someone was going to read it some day. But we keep reading them. Of course they usually have an agenda, whether it is celebrity gossip, political gossip, local gossip, personal gossip, b-list celebrity gossip, movie gossip, television gossip, theatre gossip, art gossip, music gossip, inner, intra and inter-office gossip, has-been celebrity gossip, gossip gossip or medical prognosticating. without such lofty purposes there would be no real reason to read them unless the writer was just balls to the wall funny.

I'm only balls to the floorboards funny, so i, too, shall have a purpose; that is to give you some insight into what it is like to create and mount a very successful haunted house in New York City, and the progress we are making on this year's house - Nightmare: Ghost Stories! woohoo!

I'll tell you more in my follow up blogs, but essentially we are through the concept phase and this year's house is going to be a super-haunt. not just in the sense that it is, ya know, "super!" but in the sense that it is twice as big as any house in year's past. it might be one of the longest haunted house walk-throughs out there. i am aiming for 35 minutes. we had hoped in year's past for the house to be around 25-30 minutes, but usually hovered around the 17-22 minute marks. so how does one solve that problem? well, make it twice as scary (really paralyze you guys in there) and make it physically twice as big. done and done!